2 in 1 Devices

Selling 2 in 1 Devices

2 in 1 devices are probably the most exciting products your customers will see on the sales floor. These powerful yet flexible devices allow your customers to work or play.

Help your customers see the power of these devices by:

Mention Different Designs

2 in 1 devices come in multiple styles—they’re definitely not one size fits all! Be sure you’re up to speed on what’s available in your store.


Ferris Wheel

Floating Slider


Track Slider


Dual Screen

Common Experiences

Customers may have a hard time envisioning themselves using a 2 in 1 device. Or why they’d even need two devices in one. Use these examples to help them out!

Browse video (Hulu*, YouTube*) or music in laptop mode and then convert to view in tablet mode.
Shop for products in tablet mode, then convert to laptop mode to purchase.
Read an e-mail in tablet mode, then switch to laptop mode to type a response.
Review a productivity application like a Word* document or spreadsheet in tablet mode, then switch to laptop mode to make changes.
Read a social networking site for updates, then switch to laptop mode to make comments.

Show Them Off!

Intel’s research1 has shown that the capabilities of 2 in 1 devices go unnoticed unless they’re demonstrated or placed in the shoppers’ hands.

These are real quotes from shoppers once a 2 in 1 device is demonstrated.

“Huh?! I didn’t notice that!
That is cool!”

Legal Disclaimers:
1 Intel, Insights and Market Research, 2 in 1 POV, August 2013
* Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.